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Slide Satvan is a centre dedicated towards facilitating a free, self motivated and voluntary exploration of different aspects of human life and their relationship with the environment. Find out More
Human society today is plagued by a desire for lifestyles that are tilted towards unconscious and immediate gratification. A compassionate, non judgemental space is very essential for us to acknowledge and accept our tendency to live lives driven by the fear, lust and greed of our narrow self.
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Our Thematic Areas
Satvan wishes to create an atmosphere for people to undertake a self driven inquiry. To complement this journey the space will have a few themes as a starting point. The approach to these different themes would be with an intent of integration and collaboration rather than fragmentation.
History and Natural History

The relationship of human beings with their environment in the past and the consequences of this relationship on humans and their environment.

Psychology and Sociology

Human lifestyle is a result of human behaviour. An understanding of human behaviour is necessary to understand the complexity of human lifestyle.

Arts and literature

The relationship between arts, culture and environment. How art can influence human behaviour?

Self Reliance

The relationship of Arts, Sciences, Culture and Human Lifestyle with Economics

Working with the land and manual work

Understanding the value of manual work and working with the body

Philosophy and Spirituality

Role of Philosophy, Spirituality and Self inquiry.

Science and research

Role of Science, technology and research in creating harmony between human beings and Nature

“I do not know if you have discovered your relationship with nature. There is no ‘right’ relationship, only the understanding of relationship. Right relationship implies the acceptance of a formula, as does right thought. Right thought and right thinking are two different things. Right thought is merely conforming to what is respectable, whereas right thinking is movement, it is the product of understanding, and understanding is constantly undergoing modification and change.”
– J Krishnamurti
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SatVan is situated inside the campus of The Valley School. This campus is spread across 100 acres of land towards the south of Bangalore City. About 90 percent of this 100 acres is wilderness. This wilderness is a result of conscious afforestation efforts made since...

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